On my way home

DSCF2820  Took a few shots on my way home from work today. The snow is gently falling down…but it is friday 🙂


16 Comments on “On my way home

  1. Just so you know; the standard 1A house in Sweden is a red wooden house with white corners. I will put some more pictures on the blog soon, showing just that. 🙂


  2. I would love to move to Sweden! Great people, fast internet, beautiful place. The biggest challenge would be learning the language. Also, if I may know, why has that house been empty for a while?


    • Well, I am not sure why it’s empty. It may be beacuse of the ghosts…no, but I would guess that the owners was old, died or something like that. The house is a part of a larger farm. The rest of the farm also seem empty…but not abandoned…

      About the language; it can not be that difficult – I was only a child when I learned it… ;-D



      • Farm? So this house is in the country side? Now I am going to be daydreaming living in Sweden in this very house! Even if it had ghosts, I’d take it!


  3. You may think that house is nice, wait until you have to heat it, pay the taxes on it for the privilege of living in Vermont and seeing about 55 days of sun a year. How do I know this? Because I was a Vermont native for 67 years; I moved to South Carolina in 2009.

    If you are a rabid Progressive, don’t mind living in a drug addled State (see Shumlin’s State of the State address) with very little work and low wages, paying between 24¢ and 27¢, a kW for electricity, fine.

    I’m a Vermont Woodchuck posting as Ed G. Mann at Vermont Loon Watch.



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