Lunch break


Winter can be beautiful, but at the moment it feels like everything is in shades of black and white…


Icy conditions


February 2012; The sun is rising over the port of Gothenburg (Göteborg).

The Bench

The Bench
Just another few months and I will be sitting on the bench instead of taking pictures of it…

Nature at its best


Abisko in Lappland, september 2013. The most northern part of Sweden. You can’t get enough of it. If you can; go there…

Another gray day…

vägen hem

Today was another gray winter day in the Linköping area. About zero degrees C, and snow blowing sideways.



My daughter and a gray Helsingborg…

Visiting my brother

On a short visit to Helsingborg, my birth town. Went for a short walk in the surroundings of my brothers home. Cold…


The red house again

HöstbilderJust because of the likes of the red house. Here is a picture from october 2012…uuuhh it´s ok if the winter ends now…

On my way home

DSCF2820  Took a few shots on my way home from work today. The snow is gently falling down…but it is friday 🙂

The Semla

20140124-122009.jpgA cup of coffee and a swedish Semla. Try it!! 🙂



Found this at the station in Linköping. Not working, but nice that it´s still standing…

At the station


The commuter train to Tumba is about to depart at Arlanda station.



The afternoon traffic at Arlanda airport.

Cold Luleå


A cold Luleå with white beautiful trees. About -10 degrees when the pic was taken. Two days before the temp was down to -30…

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