Business as usual

Stockholm City, today; the activity around Sergels Torg is high as evening falls


The night is young


Råå, may 2011; the water is calm in the small harbor.

The Rescue

20060510 (2)

Lake Vättern, may 2006; a joint rescue exercise between the Swedish Air Force and Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

Misty Saturday


February 2014; The cathedral of Skänninge rise over the old village.

Heading for open sea

20100501 (43)

May 2010; a sailboat is heading out of Smögen, at the swedish west coast.

In shining armor

August 2009; Ystad International Military Tattoo – arranged every second year in the home town of Kurt Wallander.

The Sheriff rocks

Hemlig 40-årsresa. Hestravik, kanotpaddling och High Chaparral

The Sheriff  is watching you! The Wild West Theme Park “High Chaparral” in Småland, july 2012.

Slow fall

D3S_8889September 2012; a small waterfall, not far from the impressive hydroelectric power station “Harsprånget” in Lappland.

Change in color

20140130-150051.jpgThe gray shades has changed to white today. Snow falling all day…

Lunch break


Winter can be beautiful, but at the moment it feels like everything is in shades of black and white…

Icy conditions


February 2012; The sun is rising over the port of Gothenburg (Göteborg).

The Bench

The Bench
Just another few months and I will be sitting on the bench instead of taking pictures of it…

Nature at its best


Abisko in Lappland, september 2013. The most northern part of Sweden. You can’t get enough of it. If you can; go there…

Another gray day…

vägen hem

Today was another gray winter day in the Linköping area. About zero degrees C, and snow blowing sideways.



My daughter and a gray Helsingborg…

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