2017 #27


Black and White from a trip on the countryside today…

2017 #20


Blowing in the wind…

October #2


Clear sky at night in Vidsel, Norrbotten County.


Made a short trip to Nässjö today…

The Farm


Calm water


The water was calm tonight in Karlskrona. Had to go back to the hotel and get my camera…

Situation Sthlm


The monthly magazine “Situation Sthlm” is sold by homeless people in the Stockholm. The magazine is an ongoing story about our capital and it´s inhabitants…

Luleå by night…on a tuesday

It just felt like a black and white night…

Football on a monday

DSCF5935The rain is in all around. The game is on. It´s monday…and a swedish football field…

Lappland 2014 #2

IMG_2660.JPGThe second photo in this serie is in black and white. A two seconds exposure of “Abisko-jokken”.

Lunch break


Winter can be beautiful, but at the moment it feels like everything is in shades of black and white…

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