2018 #5

Todays pictures are from ”Hamra Sluss” just south of Linköping, along ”Kinda Kanal”. This part of the canal is from late 19:th century and is still used in the summertime. The doors in the lock are still opend by hand. Must remember to go back here when the summer has arrived…


2018 #4

A bottle on a bench in central Linköping today. A gray and rainy day…at least before noon. Makes great pictures…

2018 #2

31BDE426-AF6A-4A29-B747-3E8764D08504Linköping Catedral behind white frosty trees…

2018 #1

870C58D0-A40A-478B-B2C3-96F6870EB0C5A classic Swedish Monark Bicycle, seen in Malmö (Skåne) yesterday.

Swedish Smalltowns – Vadstena

Vadstena in Östergötland is one of my favorites. I love to walk around in the central parts of the town with my camera. Most of the beautiful houses are from the 16th, 17th and 18th century. The town has a population of about 5.500 and is most known for it´s monastery and castle.

Vadstena[ The Street Picture ]

Just as I started my walk through the streets this time, it started to snow. Big snow flakes. Really nice…but hard go get on a picture – but if you look close…

As I walk, the shops are closing for the day – it´s Saturday afternoon the 30th of december. The street lights will soon be lit up and give that nice feeling I really like. A lot of people are still wandering around the town – even though the shops are closed. As I take pictures, a family asks me to take a picture of them with their phone.

Vadstena-4[ The Name of the Town ]

I try to get a cup of coffee at the Old Café, but it´s full at the moment. I have to continue my photowalk, and that is not a problem. The snow is beautifully falling down and the whole town is like postcard.

Vadstena-3[ The Historic Picture ]

There are a lot of Swedish history in Vadstena. The signs on the “historic picture” shows the way…

Vadstena-2[ The Cup of Coffee ]

Finally there was a free table at the Old Café (the house on the right in the picture). My glasses went completely white as I got in to the Café. The coffee was served in small cups on a plate – just the way I like it. Nice.

Vadstena-5[ The Attraction Picture ]

As I walk toward the car I see the castle in the distance. The snow has stopped falling now. I head back home to prepare for the new year…

2017 #28


The 6th of June – the Swedish National Day.

2017 #26


A wall of sorrow. Reactions from the terror act in Stockholm, april 7th.

2017 #25


Pines in the middle of nowhere…

2017 #23


A fresh snapshot from Lidköping, Västergötland.

2017 #22


Soon the cathedral will disappear behind the green trees. Växjö, Småland, today.

2017 #21


Went for a short hike in a nearby forest today. Nice.

2017 #20


Blowing in the wind…

2017 #19


Lake Vättern. The morning fog is still thick in the middle of the lake.

2017 #18


Heading for home again, after a workday in Stockholm.

2017 #17

Morning in Stockholm today…

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