Swedish Smalltowns – Eslöv

I have lived in Skåne for half of my life, but I have never been to Eslöv. The town has a population just below 20.000 and was once known as “the most boring town in Sweden”. Last week, I set out to check if it is funnier today…

Eslov[ The Cup Of Coffee ]

This time I started out with a cup of coffee and a Swedish “Semla” at this Café. That wasn’t boring at all. Well it was a little annoying that you could not see through the windows in the café. After the coffee I walked the streets of the central parts of Eslöv.

Eslov-2[ The Street Picture ]

I should not say that the town is boring – but I miss something about it. Something that give a nice cozy feeling as you walk around. There are a lot of things going on, and a lot of people on the move. The stores are busy at the Christmas sale…but well…it’s actually a little, tiny bit…boring…

Eslov-3[ The Historic Picture]

I searched for something old, that could make a nice historic picture…but most things seemed to be relatively new. Finally I found this nice half-timbered building.

The railway station in Eslöv is a nice building – as many station houses are. And where can you find the name of the town – if not on the station house…

Eslov-4[ The Name Of The Town ]

Moving on to find an attraction of Eslöv. Well…I probably should have done my research better, but I had some trouble finding anything one could call an attraction. And when I did – I am not sure if it really is an attraction that actually attract people – but I found it rather cool…

Eslov-5[ The Attraction Picture ]

The Community Center from 1947 is beautiful in it’s own way. The design is something from the past and gives me a little of the cozy small town feeling that I missed. As I leave Eslöv I sum it up to this; a town that has a lot of life, but miss the little things that make the town something special.


2017 #27


Black and White from a trip on the countryside today…

2017 #20


Blowing in the wind…

2017 #14

Linköping – the home of Swedish Aviation Industry

2017 #9

Waiting in Nyköping…

2017 #3


Slippery streets in Stockholm today

2017 #2


Vikingstad, just outside Linköping. 4 degrees Celsius today. The snow is melting away…



A cold night in Mjölby…

November 2016 #5

A tram goes by in Norrköping.

November 2016 #4

A cold day today. Better to be inside and drink espresso…

November 2016 #3

Winter is here…

November 2016 #2

Passing Stockholm Central station on my way home.

November 2016 #1

This is how knights are raised in Sweden.

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