2018 #2

31BDE426-AF6A-4A29-B747-3E8764D08504Linköping Catedral behind white frosty trees…


2018 #1

870C58D0-A40A-478B-B2C3-96F6870EB0C5A classic Swedish Monark Bicycle, seen in Malmö (Skåne) yesterday.

Swedish Smalltowns – Skänninge

I have a new project; Swedish Smalltowns. You can read more about it here. To start of I went to Skänninge – a town nearby…

This was the second darkest day of the year. The snow was almost gone and it was a slight drizzle in the air. It sure doesn’t show the town at it best – but that is not the purpose. I want to give a snapshot from a typical Swedish Smalltown as it is…

Skänninge-6[The Street Picture ]

Short Facts: Skänninge has a population of around 3.000 and is situated in Östergötland County. It is one of the oldest towns in Sweden. The town has a big market in august each year, which tradition goes back a thousand years..

I have been to Skänninge a lot, I live not more than 20 km away. The wooden houses gives the central parts great charm. Sadly not all of them are in good shape any more.

Skänninge[The Name Picture]

Skänninge is an old town – but never the less it has a special old part (gamla = old). I don’t think it is older than the rest of Skänninge, but it has a museum, a garden and a café. The “old” parts of Skänninge is worth a visit – especially in the summer – but also in this part of the year. As the sun sets, the beautiful old style lamp-posts light up the streets.

Skänninge-5[The Attraction Picture]

The fourteenth century church is in the center of the town. Nearby is the town square, where the is a statue of “Ture Lång” – an old symbol of the towns jurisdiction. These days one of the tourist attractions of the town.

I can imagine that the streets in the central parts were quite busy in the mid 20:th century. Now they seem more like sleepy streets. A lot of shops are closed or have moved out to the perimeters or to the bigger cities in the vicinity. But still some shops remain and som are really like “the old days”. As I walk a street a man is standing on a ladder, taking down the sign of a shop. In this case it looks as if they are going to replace it with a new one. Nice. A shop that stays in business.

Skänninge-4[The Historic Picture]

Obviously there are a lot of things in Skänninge that qualify to be in the “Historic Picture” – but I fell for the old shop in the Town Square. I especially like the neon sign.
As the afternoon darkness falls upon the town it lights up. The windows shines with Christmas decorations and it all feels a little bit more cozy.  I start to look for a cup of coffee. I pass by a cinema in a backstreet. The streets are getting a little bit busier. I find my coffee across the church. A small café named “Bok-källan” that seemed to be related to the church in a way. They only accepted cash – which I didn’t have…so I had to find an ATM.

Skänninge-3[The Coffee Picture]

The café was quite crowded. I got a really good cup of coffee and a great home made sponge cake for 15 Swedish Crones – about 1 Euro and 50 Cents. Not bad…

As I leave Skänninge the longest night of the year has started.

2017 #22


Soon the cathedral will disappear behind the green trees. Växjö, Småland, today.

2017 #18


Heading for home again, after a workday in Stockholm.

2017 #17

Morning in Stockholm today…

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