2018 #2

31BDE426-AF6A-4A29-B747-3E8764D08504Linköping Catedral behind white frosty trees…


2017 #24


Finally summer is here…

2017 #14

Linköping – the home of Swedish Aviation Industry

2017 #6


Linköping Cathedral, Östergötland

October 2016 #5

Autumn – just plain beautiful…

November #5

It´s not only the snow. Seems like christmas is on it´s way also…

Morning in Linköping

DSCF6035An early morning walk in Linköping. The water is calm and people start making their way to work. I had the day off, for a change, and just enyoyed the morning…

The summer is back again

DSCF5946A view from Linköping today. Suddenly the summer was back. Just love it…


20140329-202635.jpgLinköping, yesterday; too late…


20140328-135246.jpgLinköping, just now; is this a typical swedish shrimp sandwich?



Linköping, today; A walk in the park.

The market hall


Linköping, today; preparing for a nice saturday dinner.

The two Towers

20140221-141612.jpgLinköping, today; The Cathedral and the Church of St Lars rises over the roofs of Linköping. Another gray day.

Change in color

20140130-150051.jpgThe gray shades has changed to white today. Snow falling all day…

The Bench

The Bench
Just another few months and I will be sitting on the bench instead of taking pictures of it…

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