2017 #22


Soon the cathedral will disappear behind the green trees. Växjö, Småland, today.

2017 #19


Lake Vättern. The morning fog is still thick in the middle of the lake.

2017 #5


Glass art at the Glass Hotel in Kosta, Småland

2017 #4


Glassblowing in Kosta


Made a short trip to Nässjö today…

Like the old days…

imageimageimageToday; Stensjö Village, just north of Oskarshamn in Småland. Peaceful and beautiful.

On track

20140218-211042.jpgSommen, summer 2013; a Green Cargo train heading south.

The Sheriff rocks

Hemlig 40-årsresa. Hestravik, kanotpaddling och High Chaparral

The Sheriff  is watching you! The Wild West Theme Park “High Chaparral” in Småland, july 2012.

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