2017 #18


Heading for home again, after a workday in Stockholm.


2017 #11


Another Central Station – this time Luleå. The night train is getting ready.

A Historic Locomotive

N71_0638This steam locomotive – the F1200 – was in 1918 part of the worst rail accident in swedish history – the Getå Railroad Disaster. In the accident 42 people were killed. The train was recovered and is still going strong…

Göteborg by Night

20140326-222713.jpgGöteborg, tonight; the old Central Station in the middle of the city.

Rush hour

20140320-171209.jpgStockholm today; Rush hour on the Central Station.

On track

20140218-211042.jpgSommen, summer 2013; a Green Cargo train heading south.


20140212-212949.jpgStockholm, today; this is the typical look of the subwaystation “Karlaplan”. You travel by train, but also in time. I get a feeling of 1970…

At the station


The commuter train to Tumba is about to depart at Arlanda station.

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