2017 #19


Lake Vättern. The morning fog is still thick in the middle of the lake.


A short visit to Karlsborg

20140402-181910.jpgKarlsborg, today; Sandön is waiting for the summer. Today has been a sunny day, but only about 8 degrees C. Karlsborg, a small town by the second largest sea in Sweden – Vättern, was once the swedish “reserve capital” in the event of war. The fortress of Karlsborg was finished in the early 20:th century and is still used by the Swedish Armed Forces. Some parts of the fortress is open for guided tours. I was there last year with my family. Highly recommended…

The Rescue

20060510 (2)

Lake Vättern, may 2006; a joint rescue exercise between the Swedish Air Force and Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

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