2018 #5

Todays pictures are from ”Hamra Sluss” just south of Linköping, along ”Kinda Kanal”. This part of the canal is from late 19:th century and is still used in the summertime. The doors in the lock are still opend by hand. Must remember to go back here when the summer has arrived…


2017 #29

IMG_4958Another view of Storforsen outside Vidsel. Powerful as always.

2017 #19


Lake Vättern. The morning fog is still thick in the middle of the lake.

October 2016 #7

Blowing in the wind…

Typical Swedish?


For me, this is almost as swedish it can be. The picture is taken yesterday, outside Älvsbyn in Norrbotten County. The trees are about to get ready for the winter…





Morning in Linköping

DSCF6035An early morning walk in Linköping. The water is calm and people start making their way to work. I had the day off, for a change, and just enyoyed the morning…

Back in Blekinge

DSCF6002.JPGTonight I am back in Karlskrona, Blekinge. A walk around the city always results in many nice photos. I need to go here more often…and I have a strange feeling that I will…DSCF6004.JPG


Great power #1


Vidsel, yesterday; Storforsen – one of my favorite places in Sweden – in full action.

The night is young


Råå, may 2011; the water is calm in the small harbor.

The Rescue

20060510 (2)

Lake Vättern, may 2006; a joint rescue exercise between the Swedish Air Force and Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

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